2:13am August 29, 2014
kelvsyc asked: What to the best of your knowledge is the rarest surname in the Three Kingdoms? I nominate Taishi: it's absent from the Hundred Family Surnames (though it was compiled long after that era), and the only people of note I can find with that surname is Taishi Ci and his son...

Well, it’s certainly not Zhang, I can say that for certain…

Taishi is a pretty rare one - any two-character surname is probably going to be very rare (with the obvious exceptions of the Xiahous and Zhuges).

Gongsun, Guanqiu, etc.

The rarest, though, is probably Ou. as in Ou Xing, the bandit Sun Jian killed in 187. I can’t think of anyone else with that surname; I think you have to turn to the tribes to find anything more rare.

1:35am August 29, 2014
Anonymous asked: The proverb about Liao Hua actually stems from another novel, the Sao Mi Zhou, according to wikipedia. The Romance actually gives Liao Hua some impressive accomplishments, including almost capturing Sima Yi during the last Northern Campaign, and being the guy that fights his way out of Maicheng in order to (futilely) ask Liu Feng and Meng Da for reinforcements for Guan Yu.

Well, it’s nice to hear him getting some praise somewhere. Sorry for my earlier mistake.

12:55am August 29, 2014

關銀屏 by Yul


關銀屏 by Yul

12:55am August 29, 2014
Anonymous asked: I read on Wikipedia that Liao Hua's mediocrity is so well known that it's actually a proverb in China: "Shu has no heroes left, so Liao Hua will take the vanguard," i.e., we've got nobody great left, so we'll just use somebody who's mediocre but who is so loyal they'll try really hard to win despite being totally outmatched. Is this a fair representation of Hua? Did he have any deeds of merit besides serving for a really, really long time?

It’s not a fair representation of Liao Hua at all. That proverb certainly stems from the Romance, rather from the real Liao Hua. I’m going to write a nice long thing about him at some point in the near future, but in basic:

Liao Hua, while not very successful, fought a huge number of battles and performed well in all of them. Though he lost pretty much every battle he fought, it was because he was stuck following the orders of guys like Guan Yu, Zhuge Liang, and Jiang Wei - three men who, historically, were pretty terrible at the whole “army” thing. He was one of the last talented generals of Shu and one of the state’s most respected figures. He’s scorned due to his depiction in the Romance, and he doesn’t deserve that at all.

11:59pm August 28, 2014
natstermune-d4t3 asked: So I guess Koei announced that they are going to show something for Dynasty Warriors 9 at the Tokyo Game Show later this year, is there any characters you'd like to see announced at it for the next game?

This post, and the ones it links to, should cover my thoughts on that subject pretty well, though I might be able to elaborate my points a bit better now.

11:58pm August 28, 2014
Anonymous asked: do she got the booty

I’ll admit, I’m very confused here because the woman I’ve mentioned most recently is Yuan Shao’s mother. So I’m going to have to assume you’re asking about her.

And in that case, I guess she must!

11:56pm August 28, 2014
Anonymous asked: Next time they use the battle of Hefei and want to depict Zhang Liao's raid, they should just give everyone of the 800 except Li Dian and Zhang Liao Dian Wei and Zhou Tai's models to show how badass they were. I imagine the sight of hundreds of Dian Weis and Zhou Tais charging at you would cause most armies to crumble fairly quickly.

Yep, that sort of thing will really be intimidating alright.

It was a scary time.

11:55pm August 28, 2014
Anonymous asked: I think one of the best scenes to show Zhang Liao's alleged friendship with Guan Yu was DW3's Guan Yu's Escape. Zhang Liao's just leaning against the gate, arms folded and looking all badass, and as Guan passes simply asks, "So you're going?" like it ain't no thang. Of course, I always found it hilarious to play as Zhang Liao in that stage so I can pretend Zhang Liao's screaming, "I wasn't finished talking to you! Come back here!"

It’d actually be kind of nice if they actually developed that relationship more. Seeing two friends torn apart by war could actually be a very  nice thing for both of them as characters.

11:55pm August 28, 2014
Anonymous asked: Reading about Jiang Qin and Sima Fu makes me wonder: are there any other people you have a soft spot for who were overshadowed by awesome?

Plenty. It can be hard to keep track of all of them.

There are a whole lot of talented Shu generals and scholars who get overshadowed by their far-less-talented-but-much-more-famous colleagues. Fei Yi, Wang Ping, Ma Zhong, Liao Hua, and Zhang Yi are the first who jump to mind, with a long list of others behind them.

In Wu, Lü Fan is always pushed out in favor of Zhou Yu, and Sun Ben is always just replaced with Sun Ce. And pretty much all of the generals from Wu’s Imperial era are ignored completely.

In Wei/Jin, it’s probably too many to name. As many highly-praised Wei generals as there are, there are still a few dozen talented people who disappear in favor of more famous figures.

11:46pm August 28, 2014
Anonymous asked: I love that thing about the tiger that turned into a dragon. Must've been one heck of an incident report. "Let me get this right. The two of you were patrolling and you were attacked by a tiger. You managed to defeat it, and it turned into a dragon, praised you, gave you magic powers and then flew away. Is that correct?" "Yes, sir." "Right, twenty lashes for drinking on duty."

Yeah, I can’t imagine my superiors responded well to that story.