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does anyone want a bff



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Anonymous asked: Could you tell us something about Sima Fu, Sima Fang, Cao Song and Cao Teng? You've mentioned Fu was talented in his own right and Fang was so terrifying even Sima Yi was scared of him, but what about Cao Song and Teng? I've only heard that they were both pillars of the Han in their day, but not much beyond that. Think they would've approved of what Cao Cao did?

I can tell you a bit about them, though it would take a long time to talk about them all in full.

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11:56pm August 1, 2014
Anonymous asked: Are you worried that adding Xun Yu in the next Dynasty Warriors (Empires doesn't count) will push Xiahou Dun out of his role as Cao Cao's right hand man? Considering what happened with Jia Chong pushing out Yuanji from her role as Zhao's main supporter and all.

While it could definitely happen, I’m not too worried about it. Xiahou Dun is a developer favorite, so I’m not too concerned about his future. I worry more about the other strategists, particularly Jia Xu.

10:55pm August 1, 2014
Anonymous asked: There are some comics from that pile my brother gave me I think would be good at showing character personalities and relationships, if even in those ambition stages. For example, Liu Shan asking Xingcai to point out his mistakes, and Xingcai takes out a scroll and starts writing. And writing. And writing. "Xingcai?" "Just a bit more," she says as the scroll is now knee height. Or little Cao Pi and Sun Ce having a 'my dad is cooler than your dad' fight. Pi cheats and claims Xiahou Dun is his dad.

Hah. Those actually do sound pretty adorable. Thank you for sharing.

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Okay so I got my laptop back from the repair shop today (and got lost twice along the way because my phone’s gps informed me that the destination was right fucking smack dab in the middle of a road in the middle of fucking nowhere??? wow thanks)

The fan is fixed, so no more overheating yay! Also got a second hard drive installed because there was basically no room left at all. It doesn’t really seem any faster or more responsive, but at least I’m not positive it’s going to explode at any second.

That said, I think I am going to keep drawing on the desktop that I inherited. That monitor is a fucking dream. Not only is it several inches larger that my laptop’s screen, but the colors on it are more true to life. My laptop’s colors have always been dulled and slightly off compared to how images looked on other screens or printed out. I used to have to email a drawing to myself and look at it on my phone’s screen, and more often than not the colors needed to be adjusted. On every single picture. But now drawing is soooo much better. I’ll just use the desktop for drawing and tinkering and the laptop for most everything else (because the desktop is slow as balls if you try to do more than one thing at a time, it has trouble loading YouTube videos ugh)

It’s going to take me forever to decide what files I want to keep on here and what to move over. >_<


7:33pm August 1, 2014
breakingthemusic asked: Currently, I liked your analysis of Bu Lianshi. The clothes has never been my problem (for anyone who is a fan of Zhen Ji, is already familiar with provocative clothing, DW5 say so) and I think it far more independent compared to the other women in the DW. The only thing I don't like and not down to me is the Crossbow be your weapon. I always thought it would fit better with the Bladed Bow that Huang Yue Ying used in DW6. Anyway, good analysis.

Thank you.

That bow Huang Yueying had in 6 was pretty cool. I wouldn’t mind seeing that come back in a future game. Maybe Zhuge Zhan will have it; they seem to like giving parents’ rejected weapons to their kids.

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7:28pm August 1, 2014
Anonymous asked: Out of a sense of nostalgia, I played DW5 Xtreme Legends the other day and remembered what fun Destiny Mode was despite its comparative shortness. Especially how the way you fought affected what happened. Did you prefer to charge your way solo into battle, becoming a one-man-army? Sun Shangxiang might notice and try to hire you away. Carry out multiple ambushes and fire attacks? Even Sima Yi is impressed. Be a team player and stay close to your general? Earn their trust. I miss it so.

Yeah, Destiny Mode was amazing. I really wish they’d revamp that and bring it back for future XL games. I could have played Destiny Mode forever.

6:59pm August 1, 2014
kelvsyc asked: It is said that the Central Government really takes issue with how certain Three Kingdoms persons are portrayed in fiction. Mainly with having a non-Chinese actor portraying Cao Cao when Cao Cao is the villain of the story. Thoughts?

I have no thoughts on that whatsoever.

6:00pm August 1, 2014
lu-tengs-recliner-of-rage asked: Gotta give props to Jiang Wei's VA in DW8. There's something about the way he talks that suggests that he's not all there in the head. He also kind of sounds like he's on the verge of tears constantly. Probably has something to do with the way Zhuge Liang(or Pang Tong in the Hypothetical Path) makes all his friends hate and abandon him.

Yeah, he does a pretty good job. Over all, while I hate Jiang Wei, I do think he’s really well done all around.