11:59am September 21, 2014
Anonymous asked: You mentioned before you toyed with the idea of sorting DW characters according to the Fate series' Servant Classes. I imagine there'd be a lot of overlap, the way in Fate Extra they mention despite being a Berserker Lu Bu could've functioned as any class except Caster. Rider because of Red Hare, Assassin because of killing Dong Zhuo, Saber because he could act as warrior or general, and Archer because of the halberd shooting. But how about guys who could only fit in one category?

How about I go above-and-beyond and give you my thoughts on everyone?

I tried to go mostly from the DW versions here, though I’ve pulled in bits and pieces of history here and there.

My basic criteria is: Sabers are those who stood and fought in the front ranks, Lancers are those with a reputation for swift attacks. Riders and Archers are those who had a reputation for either talent. Berserker is anyone with “rage issues”. Caster is kind of a catch-all for people who had unique talents or complex tricks (so most strategists) and Assassin was for those who committed assassinations (or tried to) or were otherwise treasonous.

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11:13am September 21, 2014
Anonymous asked: I wonder why KOEI didn't add Kebineng, i mean, he conquer China more wider that Shu. Err, nevermind. Anyway, how KOEI potrayed Tribes Guys(like Yufuluo, Tadun, Kebineng , etc) properly and how KOEI will screw them up? I think Kebineng(and Yufuluo) more 'thinker guy' than Tadun.

Koei might not even know that Kebineng existed. Since he was Xianbei and not a major ally to any of the Chinese warlords (he mostly did his own thing), he doesn’t really come up that often, and I don’t know if he’s in the fictions at all.

Odds are, though, that Koei would depict any tribal leaders as dumb brutes, however undeserved that would be.

10:59am September 21, 2014
Anonymous asked: Speaking of Xingcai, one theory I've read on why it seems she's so cold to Guan Ping in the newer games compared to DW5 is because they had a really, really nasty breakup. Guan Ping is either trying to at least stay friends or realised he made a horrible mistake and is trying to make up, but Xingcai's either still upset and is giving him the cold shoulder or has buried herself in her duties.

That’s certainly one theory.

10:59am September 21, 2014
Anonymous asked: is there any mention of mental illness in the 3k period?

Not many. The concept of a “mental illness” is a relatively new idea, in the grand scheme of things. There weren’t many things back then that would have been recognized or diagnosed as mental illness.

And I am strictly against trying to diagnose historical figures with mental illness, since it’s impossible to have all of the necessary information.

That said, historical records say that Liu Ye had dementia near the end of his life. And since Wang Ping simply could not learn how to read in spite of being very intelligent, he probably had some sort of learning disability like dyslexia.

10:54am September 21, 2014
Anonymous asked: I was reading about features that are apparently being added to DW8 Empires, and among them are weather effects and a day/night cycle. Do you think that sort of thing might be good to put in to the next DW game? Random weather effects and day/night cycles might not work in a vanilla release, but I'm sort of tired of Guandu always being at night. Wouldn't it be more interesting for the battle to start during the daytime, and when you trigger the supply depot attack then it switches to night?

A change in time or scenery over battles could make sense. There were some times when it was important.

For example, if heavy rain started halfway through battles like Xiapi and Fan.

10:54am September 21, 2014
Anonymous asked: Don't know if this has been asked before but what would you think if Emperor Xian was ever added as a playable character to the Other Faction?

I don’t think it would work out very well. The only time he ever really took any sort of active role was in the flight from Chang’an (195-196) and DW always represents that in a very confusing way. I just don’t think there’d be anything for him to do.

10:53am September 21, 2014
Anonymous asked: Hi Archlich, I remember a story about Cao Pi. It says that he once want to borrow some money from Cao Hong. He refused and Cao Pi always hold a grudge against him for that. Once he become the Emperor, he tried to kill him but Lady Bian intervene. Was this story real or just some kind of slander against him?

That story is true, but it leaves out one important detail:

When Cao Pi was young, he wanted to borrow some money from Cao Hong, but Cao Hong refused. Cao Pi always resented him for that. Some time during Cao Pi’s reign, one of Cao Hong’s subordinates committed a crime, and Cao Pi wanted to punish Cao Hong for it, so he put him in jail and intended to execute him. However, Lady Bian prevented Cao Hong’s death.

The SGZ says that this charge was just a pretext for Cao Pi to settle his old grudge with Cao Hong, but this wasn’t the first time there had been trouble with Cao Hong’s retainers. Some of his subordinates committed crimes back in 196, and Man Chong executed them for it. So I think it is unlikely that this was  a pretext, but a legitimate charge. Cao Pi’s personal grudge might have played a part, but I believe that the charges against Cao Hong were legitimate.

10:49am September 21, 2014
Anonymous asked: What do you know about Yang Lü?

The  only Yang Lü I know of was the older brother of Yang Yi, the man responsible for Wei Yan’s death. He had a good reputation but died young, so he never accomplished anything of note.

2:25am September 21, 2014
Anonymous asked: tell me short story about Liu Shan and Xing cai

Sure, why not? A bit of flash-fiction before bed.

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2:13am September 21, 2014
Anonymous asked: So, Xianbei and Wuhuan get along fairly well. I hope there are interaction between Tadun and Kebineng(talking about Yuan Shao and Cao Cao or about horse or whatever)in WO(if they're added) :D But, if Wuhuan close to Han, why they support Zhang Chun?

It would be pretty interesting to hear what those two had to say to each other. Tadun and Kebineng were very similar in a lot of ways -though Kebineng was far more successful. Then again, Kebineng never went up against Cao Cao. he was a personal friend to Cao Zhang, but Cao Pi decided to support his rival Budugen and so he had a falling out with Wei.

As for Zhang Chun: while the Wuhuan were generally on good terms with the Han, relations varied between individual tribes. Most tribes were happy to accept money and honors from the Han, but some resented their dependence on the Han and were happy to aid rebels.