12:01pm October 20, 2014

Dynasty Warriors Character Analysis: Sima Shi

TL;DR: The DW guy is terrifying; the historical figure is just tragic.

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10:59am October 20, 2014
Anonymous asked: I hadn't realised you had a section for your miscellaneous articles. If I remember right, there used to be a section of stuff you've written/ are writing in that slot instead. Another thing I have to admit I'm a bit puzzled by is how the Crown Prince Affair, one of your favourite bits of Three Kingdoms history, isn't already up there. Didn't you already have a write up of that? I could swear you did before.

Yeah, I used to have a section there for things I’m writing, but I wasn’t doing a good job of keeping that page updated and decided that collecting those articles was more important. Most of my readers are here for that sort of thing, not my other writings, and I wanted to make it easy on everyone. I might need a blog with more sidebar options but…well, I really like the current theme.

I thought I had a writeup on the Crown Prince Affair as well, but I can’t find it for the life of me. I might have been foolish enough not to tag it. That’ll probably be the first thing I put under the Wu section.

2:01am October 20, 2014
Anonymous asked: 1) Instead of constantly invading Wei, what should have Zhuge Liang done as the head of Shu government? 2) Wasn't someone supposed to be teaching Liu Shan how to run the government? I suppose that's why he does nothing in DW - everyone plays the "You don't know anything about running a country" card. 3) Is it known why Jiang Wei defected to Shu? And why is he glorified while Liu Shan isn't? I'd say constantly losing is worse than being passive.

1.) As I’ve said before, trying to expand Shu wasn’t a bad idea, but Zhuge Liang should have focused on enemies he could actually defeat. Wei was just too strong. Instead, he should have left Wei Yan or some other talented general in Hanzhong, another in Yong’an, and focused on expanding to the south and west, integrating the tribes, settling their territory, and gathering resources that way while waiting for an actual opportunity to attack Wei. 226 provided a good opportunity during the transition between Cao Pi and Cao Rui (though Zhuge Liang did not take advantage of it, and Sun Quan’s efforts were to no result). There were many Qiang tribes who were anti-Wei and who could have been integrated into Shu as dependents, had Zhuge Liang focused on the west. Instead, he wasted Shu’s limited resources with fruitless campaigns against a much larger state.

2.) Liu Shan had several tutors; Zhuge Liang was one of them, as were other officials like Li Yan and several men whose names currently escape me. Unfortunately, either Liu Shan was very bad at learning, or his tutors didn’t do a very good job of teaching him. He came to the throne young, at the age of 16, and needed a lot of guidance. Unfortunately, instead of guiding him, others just ruled in his stead and he never learned how to rule for himself.

3.) Exactly why Jiang Wei defected is a little unclear. At the time, he was a minor officer in Tianshui. During Zhuge Liang’s first campaign, there were rebellions in the commandery, and Jiang Wei was suspected of being a rebel. So while he was on patrol, he was sealed out of his city and, with nowhere else to go, defected to Shu. Given how quick he was to turn to Shu, the accusations that he was conspiring with them very well might have been true. I think the main reason Jiang Wei receives as much praise as he does is because in fiction, he gets the status as “Zhuge Liang’s apprentice”, so building him up inflates Zhuge Liang’s reputation by affiliation.

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Press B to crouch.

This is a sneaking mission.



Press B to crouch.

This is a sneaking mission.

12:28am October 20, 2014
Anonymous asked: yoooo imagine if yuan xi was added to the roster and he and cao pi fought over lady zhen tho

That…would not go well for Yuan Xi. Under any circumstances.

12:02am October 20, 2014
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Oh god. It’s finally back.


11:58pm October 19, 2014
Anonymous asked: Do you remember when DW games had editable openings and endings? I miss those. One of my big disappointments with DW7 Empires was the distinct lack of editable endings. You just get one ending depending on the type of officer you use. I remember in older ones, you could do crazy things like have Sun Quan try to assassinate Sun Ce, or have Zhou Yu dance for Xiao Qiao's amusement.

Yeah, I liked having a lot of little ending scenes to unlock. Trying to get new ones was really fun for me. I’m sorry they don’t have those things anymore, because they were a delight.

11:57pm October 19, 2014
Anonymous asked: With 8:Empires adding Xun Yu to the roster, I'm thinking of how DW9 and beyond will use him. I recall seeing him as a generic at Puyang in DW8, but what other battles should Xun Yu appear in? At what time should the Wei story introduce Xun Yu, and at what time should he depart the story?

Let’s see…

Xun Yu joined Cao Cao in 191, after Cao Cao took Dong commandery. Before that, he briefly served Han Fu than Yuan Shao, but he liked Cao Cao better. He immediately became Cao Cao’s close friend and personal adviser, and he was responsible for recommending many extremely talented men to Cao Cao’s service - including Sima Yi, Zhong Yao, Xun You, and Guo JIa, among many, many others. He served Cao Cao until he died of illness in 212, so a total of 21 years.

So, in DW, I think it would make the most sense to see Xun Yu after the events of the campaign agianst Dong Zhuo, and he should be dead by the first Battle of Ruxu, assuming that such a battle is featured.

As for his role in the story…historically, Xun Yu usually remained behind at the capital, running the country with Xiahou Dun while Cao Cao was away. Xun You, Guo Jia, and Jia Xu were more responsible for giving him battle strategies, but Xun Yu helped to set overall policy; and, of course, he recommended many people to Cao Cao.

I think the best way to use him would be to have him always at Cao Cao’s side, and for Cao Cao to run all of his decisions by Xun Yu. While Guo Jia and Jia Xu can come up with the plans in a battle (i.e. we’ll flood Xiapi), maybe it’s Xun Yu who tells Cao Cao who would be best to send for the job. In debates regarding over-all policy (do we help the Han emperor? Do we fight Yuan Shao? Do we deal with Zhang Xiu first, or Lü Bu?), Xun Yu should  have a decisive voice. And there ar ea couple of battles where it would make sense for him to serve as Cao Cao’s primary tactician - any battle for Dong, the fight for Yan against the Qing Turbans, rescuing the Han emperor, and defending Juancheng from Lü Bu (or Puyang, as the case may be) are all good choices.

11:47pm October 19, 2014
Anonymous asked: I just realized, SW has a glam rock character, Motochika! He's got the deep voice, the fancy hair, the instrument... he's awesome!

Huh. I wonder how he ended up with that design.

11:46pm October 19, 2014
Anonymous asked: On the subject of anonymous being anonymous, the reason why I'm anonymous is because this is the only "tumblr" site I visit. I've never bothered to figure out what tumblr properly 'does' or how to work it, if that makes sense. You can probably take that as a compliment, I guess.

I guess I will! Thanks!