12:31pm July 24, 2014
thederpman asked: And then of course not everyone got involved with the new story so they came up with What-ifs and little side stories for these characters. Guo Huai gets a stage where he escapes the mind control of Kiyomori with others and he are allies at Nagashino. Cao Ren and Xiahou Ba escaping from getting mind control, how SHuten Doji joined the Orochi forces, Sima Shi getting revenge at Tong Gate, and other side stories.

One thing I really like about the Orochi series is that it really gives a chance for otherwise neglected characters to get their own moments of glory. They still screw Pangles, of course, and that’s frustrating, but it’s nice to at least have that potential.

If/when they make a real sequel, I hope they focus a lot on the characters they couldn’t/didn’t do much with in DW and SW.

12:29pm July 24, 2014
Anonymous asked: You know, you'd think Nintendo would at least have Waluigi as a regular character in the WarioWare series...

He should be. Of course, he should be a regular character in everything. But especially that.

12:29pm July 24, 2014
simmr001 asked: Arguably, Liu Bei himself fits this role... while that would be interesting, can you think of anyone koei would actually do... gan ning (never play him so i may have got his name wrong)

Maybe Lü Bu counts.

12:25pm July 24, 2014
Anonymous asked: After seeing your answers about style names, could you tell me how style names worked within a family? For example, I've read that Cao Cao and Cao Pi referred to Cao Ang using his style after his death at Wan, and in the Japanese version of Dynasty Warriors Cao Cao consistently refers to Cao Pi using his style name.

That usage of style names is entirely wrong.

Since using a man’s style name indicated equality, a man could NEVER use his son’s style name. Period. While a man’s superiors could use his style name as as a compliment (indicating that they were equals), this did not apply in the case of fathers and sons. There is no circumstance in which Cao Cao would ever say the style name of any of his children.

12:23pm July 24, 2014
Anonymous asked: Pretend for a moment that Wei Yan captured or killed Cao Rui at Chang'an during the first northern campaign. Who'd be fighting to take the Wei throne? Weren't the two with the strongest claims (Cao Zhi and Cao Zhang) dead by then? Or would one of the generals attempt to claim leadership?

Cao Zhi was still alive (he didn’t die until 232, while the first campaign was in 228). He would definitely be a factor. While no one really supported him over Cao Pi or Cao Rui, with Rui dead without an heir, he could generate significant support.

Cao Rui had an infant son named Cao Mu. Though Mu died in 229, he would have been alive at the time of the first campaign, and it’s possible that there would be a movement to enthrone him as the emperor.

Cao Yu was very close to Cao Rui and actually raised him for several years and was a very well-respected man. He could also be a contender.

Cao Biao was also well respected, and Wang Ling tried to enthrone him in 251, so there’s certainly a chance that someone might try to put him in power.

It’s unlikely that one of Wei’s generals would actually try to take the title for themselves. Most likely, they’d be fighting on behalf of one of the above leaders.

Cao Rui also had numerous other brothers, though because of Wei’s policies regarding Imperial relatives, there isn’t much known about them.

11:38am July 24, 2014


masterofintrigue the-archlich you guys are the best, thank you so much for being so supportive of me even when I’m such a little shit, I’m seriously the worst friend ever and I promise once I get some of my current life nonsense somewhat straightened out I will be online more and we can talk like normal humans I’m so sorry ilu

Don’t say nice things to me, I don’t know how to respond do that. You just take your time and get your shit together.

But since when do we talk like normal humans?

11:36am July 24, 2014

Sounds interesting, and like there’s definite room for a sequel. I certainly would like to see one.

I’m just not sure if its worth buying the game again, though. Particularly since I can’t return it if Ilm unsatisfied, with it being DL only (because it’s in Japanese).

11:31am July 24, 2014
Anonymous asked: Is there any Three Kingdoms figure who could serve as equal to Samurai Warrior's Kotaro Fuma? Kotaro in those games constantly attempts to sabotage important battles or get important political figures killed to keep the war going because he wants to keep the world in chaos. Is there anyone who could potentially work that role for DW?

Arguably, Liu Bei himself fits this role. He did just sort of meander around China, stirring up conflict and then disappearing, only to resurface again later to cause more problems.

11:31am July 24, 2014
kelvsyc asked: There's a feeling that in WO, the true "True ending" is the good ending and not the true ending. For example, all of WO3U predicated on the good ending happening, and with Kyubi still at large in the WO3U good ending, it makes for a great sequel hook. Do you think DW could benefit from a true ending, a good hypothetical, and a bad one?

I’d definitely like some more hypothetical endings in DW. More story paths are always great.

11:30am July 24, 2014
Anonymous asked: Is Zhuge Jin more superior than Zhuge Liang historically?

I would say so. While Zhuge Liang held more authority, Zhuge Jin seems to have used his authority better. They were about equally accomplished as academics, and Zhuge Jin was a bit more successful as a general.